What’s On


Forthcoming events:

Wednesdays thro’ May and into June  Pilates sessions, 7pm to 8pm

Thursday May 30th  Pop-up tearoom, 11am to 16:30pm

and a thank you… to all involved – riders, organisers and donors.  A brilliant performance!  On Friday April 19th, from 10am…  “Children’s Bike Ride to raise funds for replacement pads for the Lucky2Bhere Braes defibrillators and the Hall roof fund.  Please donate either on route (into the buckets) or via the JustGiving page.  The journey starts at the junction of Maggie’s road with the A87 and ends at Peinchorran – a lot of ups and downs!  Riders will stop at the Hall around lunchtime for a well earned rest, so drop in and donate if you missed them on route.”


Main events are advertised on the hall notice board, in our quarterly newsletter, local bus shelters and other strategic locations. Special events may be advertised in the local press.  So please note the dates and keep your eyes open for posters and updates online.  The Village Hall is a great asset to the community and depends on volunteers to make sure events are well organised and attended.

If you have any ideas for events, are looking for space to run one, have skills or a passion to share or you know somebody who needs a suitable venue, do get in touch with a committee member.

Mobile library

The mobile library visits Braes on Wednesdays on the dates shown opposite and at the following times:  14:45 Peinachorrain, 14:55 Balmeanach, 15:15 Gedintailor, 15:50 Camustianavaig, 16:30 Penifiler

Other news

Our local roads – last winter caused a lot of damage to the local roads in our area.  Most potholes and eroding surfaces were repaired but care is still needed especially in wet conditions.  This winter is likely to cause a few more problems.  Report any road faults to Highland Council via their website or by the advised contact number.  Highlight the urgency if, for example, culverts seem at risk or holes are deep.






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