What’s On


Events at Braes Village Hall have been on hold during the current health emergency

Gradually the Hall will be brought back into use.  No doubt local gardens have had more attention in recent months and house repairs got to the top of the list.  Local car use dropped dramatically and only recently have people been on the move again.  As well as sheep, the roads in Braes echoed to the sound of pounding feet…


Boat traffic slumped, apart from fish farm traffic.  The Braes coastline provides excellent views across the Sound of Raasay and over the year there is usually a variety of boats passing through, as this small collection shows.

Boats in the Sound p1w

Main events are advertised on the hall notice board, local bus shelters and other strategic locations. Special events may be advertised in the local press.  So please note the dates and keep your eyes open for posters and updates online.  The Village Hall is a great asset to the community and depends on volunteers to make sure events are well organised and attended.

If you have any ideas for events, are looking for space to run one, have skills or a passion to share or you know somebody who needs a suitable venue, do get in touch with a committee member.

Mobile library

The mobile library may be back on the road in the next couple of months.  It normally visits Braes on Wednesdays on the dates shown opposite and at the following times:  14:45 Peinachorrain, 14:55 Balmeanach, 15:15 Gedintailor, 15:50 Camustianavaig, 16:30 Penifiler.  For further information go to highlifehighland.com 


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